Fashion Sense

I was making lunch as David was finishing up Adam's bath and getting him dressed for the day.  According to David, Adam was the one that chose this outfit.  I have no response to this.

Snack time

I was folding some laundry when I heard a really loud "YUMMMM!" come from the kitchen.  Guess he can open the fridge all by himself now.

I know the fridge looks pretty dirty...we've done all we can to get it as clean as possible...but what can I do since we rent?  Ah, living the good life!

More park playtime

We had some sun this past weekend and so we packed it up and headed to the park.  Adam loves getting out and I love taking pictures in the sunshine.  I have the perfect subject.  That face is going to break hearts.

Adam really wanted to swing Superman style.  He got on, I pushed a VERY small push and over he went.  I was sure he broke his neck, but he quickly laughed and tried to do it again...I quickly grabbed him and put him in the baby swing before he knew what was going on.

Still never satisfied with being normal.  I'm cool with that.

Adam up to his old tricks..."Hello there little lady.  Won't you take my hand?"  Such a flirt.

David and Adam, the two best things in my life.

It's just a fact.  I love my life and the reason I love it is because I have these two in it.  They play together, they love each other, they laugh together and I get to watch it all.  Seriously, as I type this I am crying thinking about how much they love each other and how lucky I am to have them.  Just an example of the fun I get to see from the past few days:

Band practice in the morning before Daddy has to leave for work.

Playing around as usual.  Adam LOVES his Daddy...

Driving Lessons

Adam isn't a big fan of the carseat, which lead me to believe he didn't like the car.  Well, I was wrong.  He LOVES the car as long as he is in the drivers seat.  If I ever get tired of being in the house and it's raining out, all I have to do is head to the car.  Adam will entertain himself for a good half hour or so.  Only problem is trying to figure out what buttons and levers he moved around the next time I go anywhere.

What can I say?

He like to cook, he likes to clean...and he is beyond adorable.  I am raising the World's Most Perfect Man.  I can't take credit, though.  His dad sure has been the best example he can have for that title.

Don't worry, it just water in the spray bottle...

Valentine's Day

We didn't do too much on Valentine's Day.  David had to work so I was able to hang out with some friends.  Misty made heart shaped cookies for the kids to frost...or try to.  Then we had dinner with our friends Scotty and Courtney.  All our husbands were gone (although mine was just at work and theirs were really gone by being out of town).  It was a great day full of activity.  Didn't get too many photos, but here are a few.  I love our friends...and you can see how the majority of the frosting skipped the cookie altogether and went straight to the mouth.  It's really how it should be.

Fun times

Just wanted to post some fun pictures of the little man.  He was given a little quad that he is in love with.  Then just playing with Buzz...he was trying to get Buzz to hold the blocks.  It was hilarious watching him try to make the plastic hand grab the block.

And one of the little guy sleeping.  So cute, right?

Popsicle Stick Shapes

I actually did something that I found on Pinterest.  It doesn't happen all too often, but this time I am pretty proud of myself.  I found a pin about using popsicle sticks to help toddlers learn shapes.  I wanted to have shapes that Adam could use to outline and I wanted them to be the same size as the large popsicle sticks we bought today.  I'm no professional and they aren't anything fancy, but I am proud of myself and Adam loves them.  I still need to laminate them, but that can wait until tomorrow.

If you want to print some out yourself, download the PDF.  If you want the Photoshop file so you can change colors and such, let me know and I can load those up, too.

Popsicle Shapes Download

Swimming in February

We decided to go swimming.  In February.  First off, I am never ready for swimsuit season in the summer...let alone in February.  Days like this I am extremely grateful I am the one BEHIND the camera.  And it doesn't help that everyone I was with looked fantastic in swimsuits. also didn't help me feel any better when I got stuck in the slide..

I would like to start off with this picture.  Complete joy for Adam and complete disgust for me when I think about what is going in his mouth.

Scotty was in heaven, too.

Lazy river fun.

David's face is priceless.  I love this man.

My turn.  I don't have swimming shorts, so I wore a pair of cotton ones since there was absolutely no way I was brave enough to just wear my suit.  I seriously got stuck pretty much the moment we entered the slide.  It was pitch black and there I was holding my son who had no idea what was going on, all the while trying to scoot my way down that stupid thing.  David was at the bottom waiting for us to come out...he snapped a ton of photos thinking we would be shooting out of the slide at any moment.  I am sure I could make a flipbook of the entire event.  We came inching out with me laughing uncontrollably and Adam having to adjust his eyes to the light again after spending 5 minutes in the dark.  I blame the shorts, but let's just say I have a renewed sense of diet and workout motivation.

Typical.  David: "Adam look at mom".  Adam: looks the opposite direction knowing full well what he is doing.

Punk.  Never satisfied with doing things the normal way.  

And then what do you do after spending the afternoon in your swimming suit?  Stop for some Mexican food and then donuts.  It was a good day.

Our little Casanova

Adam has always loved the ladies and as he gets older, he isn't wasting any opportunity.  I blame David.  I didn't have my first kiss until I was almost 21, so it isn't my genes...David's first...well, let's just say it was long before he turned 21.

Adam started things off with testing the water.  Once he knew she was cool with snuggles, he moved right in.

Another trait from David...hitting up the cougars (I'm three years older than David).