I love this face.

Six months old and still going strong...

Adam turned 6 months old 23 July 2011.  I have a lot of photos that I have never posted so here is a little bit of a photo timeline of our little tank.  Happy half year Birthday!

February 2011
 March 2011
 April 2011
 May 2011
 June 2011
 July 2011

Fun day outside and more crib photos.

It was such a beautiful day today.  We spent some time outside and Adam was doing his best to learn to sit up by himself and to get in the crawling position.  He'd stay sitting up without help for about ten seconds and then topple over to his side.  I love the position he gets in when he does it, like a little baby model with his arm on his hip.  When getting in the crawling position, he would get on all fours and from there not really know what to do so he'd just drop his head down.

And how can I resist any chance I have to get some photos of Adam and his proud daddy?  One of Adam's favorite things it to grab our face and try to put it in his mouth.  I call them 'baby Adam kisses' and I can't get enough of them.  David was getting lots of kisses today.  Baby Adam eye kisses.

Oh, and more crib photos.  I just really like how they look.  This time he was sleeping with his arms around the bumper as though he was cuddling with it.  My little cuddle-bug.

Snow babies.

Yesterday, David and I went to Salt Lake to talk to our infertility doctor, Dr. Hammoud, about doing what is called a frozen embryo transfer (FET).  After our IVF cycle last year we had two little embryos that were not used at that time and we chose to have them frozen for future use.  In the infertility world these little babes are called 'snow babies'.  Our plan is to use these in hopes for a little brother or sister for Adam.  The quality of the embryos was not the best when frozen, but we know that it is worth a shot- even if our chances are low.  The photo above is of the two embryos we transferred for Adam.  No way to know which of them turned out to be our little miracle, but how many people have a photo of their baby at day 5 of existence?  One of the perks of infertility, right?  We'll be doing the FET before the end of the year!  I am really excited to start the process.  If the FET gives us another miracle, technically Adam and the baby will be the same age since they all were conceived the same day.  I think we'll have to have a special celebration for them if it happens.  That'd be really fun.

Stink bug sleeping.

Adam has been sleeping with his knees tucked under him and his bum straight up in the air like a stink bug.  I have tried so many times to get a photo, but that requires turning on the lights and he wakes up right away.  Today when I went to get him up to dress him for church he stayed fast asleep.  I finally got the money shot I've wanted for awhile.  He quickly woke up and was really happy to see I was already in his room to get him out of bed.  Oh, I just can't get enough of this little boy. 

To feel the grass in our toes...

Playing outside is one of our favorite things to do.  Adam is so fascinated with the grass.  Half the time he wants to be in it and the other half he seems to really dislike the feel of it.  I love his little feet.  Even though for some strange reason they stink all the time, I still find them to be one of cutest things on earth.  He thinks it is hilarious when I smell his feet and then say, 'ew....stinky feet!'

Check out this face he was making at me.  I swear he is thinking, 'hey mom, get that thing out of my face.'  I keep hoping he'll just learn to go with it and pose for me.  He's old enough to do that, isn't he?

Grandpa Jack meets Adam.

My dad came to spend a week with us.  He was able to meet our Adam for the first time.  We had so much fun.  We went to the Willow Park Zoo and made a trip to Bear Lake to see the view.  Mainly we just hung out, ate real yummy food and just had a great time.  It is always a treat when we get to show off our Adam to family and friends.

Slowly but surely...

Adam is doing his best to learn how to become mobile.  He gets the knees and arms up and then isn't sure what to do.  After a few times he'll just decide to roll to wherever he is trying to go.  Look at that smile!

Oh, and yes, that outfit's size is 18-24 months.  It fits my 5 1/2 month old.


I have always loved to swing.  Adam is finally big and strong enough to swing.  Don't let the crusty look fool you into thinking he doesn't like it, he was smiling so big right before I took the photo.  

Hey, mom, get me out of here.

I'll peek in on Adam all the time and occasionally he will be silently waiting for me.  This is what he looks like.

The best I could do.

Adam's first tooth popped out a week or two ago.  The second one has been trying to pop the past few days.  It finally did and Adam is a much happier little guy.  I tried the best I could to get photos of his new assets.  Look really close when he is smiling and you can see the tiny white specks that are his teeth.

The Mickey by him gets the most chew time.  I don't know how long he'll last once Adam gets more teeth.  Stay strong, Mickey!

4th of July fun.

Here in Logan they do the fireworks on the Friday before the 4th of July.  David and I decided that we would just stay in since Adam goes to bed at 7pm and the fireworks wouldn't start until about 10pm-ish.  Adam wouldn't remember missing them anyway.  I thought the fireworks would wake him up.  The stadium is right next to our building and the bangs made our windows shake.  He slept right through them!  On the actual 4th of July we had family over for a picnic type dinner.  We put up our tent (to air it out and make sure it was still in good shape) and lit some sparklers for the kiddos (well, kiddos AND the two grown men that were here).

Yes, Zander is using a bouncy ball as his hammer.

Proud boys.  

Lilly being as adorable as she is.

Rachel's visit.

David's sister, Rachel, and her family live in Texas and we only get to see them maybe once or twice a year.  We were really lucky to get to spend a few weeks with them in June.  They brought the Just Dance 2 game with them and I had the best time.  I won't lie...there were a few days I pulled it out to get my workout on when I was all by myself.  Well, Adam was there but thank goodness he won't remember any of my moves.  Mainly we just hung out at one home or another playing, eating yummy food and laughing.  It was a great time.  I think they need to move closer.

The kids were playing with this truck.  It is supposed to be one of those that runs on a battery, but the battery was dead so they all took turns pushing each other around on it.  They then decided they needed to 'work' on it.  They found some cinder blocks to drag over and placed the truck on top of them.  So funny they knew what to do.  Then as Blaine was under the truck, they were putting sand in the seat 'pretending' it was the gas they needed.  Well, as you can see, it went straight through into Blaine's face.  He was so great about it...he didn't get mad, just politely asked them to wait until he said they could put more gas in.  I love it.

Rachel's girls, Sydney, Madison and Kate.  I love taking their photos.  To tell the truth, all the Nani's photograph great.  I love being able to take their pictures.

Nani siblings, all 5 of them.  All the kids...hopefully more to come.  They are the best kids.

Swinging.  There was a lot of that going on.

Kristin hurt her foot the night before and everyone was pushing her around in the stroller.  It was pretty comical.  I've never seen anyone play on the playground in a stroller.  As you can see, she was enjoying it!

Disney Family Hits Sing It.  All the classic songs for the Wii.  It was awesome.

I can't help but show me and my little (giant) man.  He loves his thumb, no question about that.

Zander strutting his stuff.  Could he be any cuter?